Sammy White releases New Single, "Lay It On Me"

Penned with Peta Cherae Peters, Sammy describes the new single; “after an experience where I was being given the cold shoulder one minute and then left to pick up the pieces the next. I was past the point of being frustrated, and like anything, I used writing as an outlet. This came off the back of almost a ‘therapy’-write ... neither of us knew we would create this.”
Originally from Townsville, now Newcastle-based, 22-year-old Sammy was met with roaring applause as her name was announced as the 41st winner of the prestigious Toyota Star Maker talent search. Since then, she has been spending her time recording and preparing for this release.
Sammy’s November single release, I Can’t Outrun You, has been a hit on country radio and since her Star Maker triumph; the accompanying music video [watch it here] has been supported by and aired on the Country Music Channel with good response.
‘A tough year for a Star Maker winner’ is an understatement with Sammy experiencing what all artists and musicians are, and that is having all festival performances, tours and appearances placed on hold, until further notice, due to the current pandemic of COVID-19 that’s gripping the world.
Toyota Australia Chief Marketing Officer, Wayne Gabriel said it was testament to Sammy’s drive and talent that she was determined to continue to write record and work on her debut album under the current conditions. “We have seen how music has been one of the greatest mediums binding communities together throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Like many Star Maker winners before her, Sammy has the potential to truly grow her career as a musician and as a company with its Australian roots in rural communities, Toyota is proud to support aspiring, talented musicians to achieve their dreams.” 
Sammy is making the most of her time writing new music and conducting singing lessons online; eagerly awaiting the return of live music performances.

Townsville's Sammy White crowned 41st Toyota Star Maker

Townsville singer, songwriter Sammy White has been announced as the 2020 Toyota Star Maker in front of thousands of country music fans at the Toyota Star Maker 41st Grand Final held in Toyota Park.

White, who performed an exciting rendition of her #5 iTunes Country Chart song Drowning My Sorrows, was met with a huge applause from the crowd as she was announced the overall winner of the 2020 Star Maker competition.

Toyota Star Maker producer Barry Harley said: “Congratulations to Sammy White on winning the 2020 Toyota Star Maker title.

“Sammy is in good company with other female artists who have taken out the Star Maker crown and who are now leading the way in Australian country music including Beccy Cole, Gina Jeffreys, Lyn Bowtell and Kaylee Bell, and we look forward to watching her journey as 2020 Toyota Star Maker,” he said.

In addition to the title of Toyota Star Maker winner, Sammy receives a prize package, which includes the use of a new Toyota vehicle and a fuel card for 12 months, a return trip to Nashville for CMA Fest with Chris Watson travel and performance in the Aussie showcase. Sammy will also perform at major festivals and events throughout Australia, and will also join the artists' line-up on Cruisin’ Country in October.


Raised on the land but located on the Reef; armed with a cuppa and pen, born quiet and sweet - from day dot, Sammy White has been the perfect walking contradiction. 

Once astonishingly shy, Sammy found her feet on stage and like a page from an old hand-written journal, she lays it on the line with her honest all-in approach to songwriting. The authentic cry in her vocal tones and relatable tales of trials and tribulations leave audiences hanging on every raw, emotion-exuding word.

Sammy’s debut single, Drowning My Sorrows was the first cut from the anticipated EP due 2020. Co-written with Lachlan Bryan, the song is about how everyone copes with the things life throws up. Being quite emotionally introverted, Sammy has always turned to writing out her feelings. The EP is a diary - a compilation of first-hand experiences set to melodies. The songs are raw, authentic and written with an all-in approach to storytelling. 

Growing up with her family listening to straight, traditional country music - Johnny Cash, Charley Pride and Willie Nelson on rotation. While Sammy had an appreciation for it, it never had her hooked in the way alt country did. Kasey Chambers’ album The Captain was the first album she owned. 9 years old and fresh into the country scene, a gift from her mother to help find songs for local competitions. Sammy says, “I loved it so much that I begged for Rattlin Bones album by Kasey and Shane Nicholson. The proceeding album tour was my very first concert and I sat the whole time in awe. Now considering elements and sounds that I like for my own recording, I can see how much those two records have influenced my music.” Future music discoveries of Amy Winehouse, Ashley Monroe, Chris Stapleton have further helped shape Sammy’s writing and sound.

One gets the impression Sammy White gets the same feeling she got performing and writing her thoughts down as a shy young girl, but whilst she chases her dreams as a young adult her sureness flourishes as she lives and breathes and bases her whole existence to become successful at it.




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